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Role Model

Role models are often used as units. Units of different roles have different types. A unit type determines some characteristics of the unit, including editable attributes and default attributes. Role units can be divided into three types as follow.

  • Hero: This type is not limited.
  • Architecture: Unable to move, turn around, or gain experience.
  • Creature: Unable to gain experience points.

Each model has corresponding actions. You can preview all units and their actions in the Resource Manager.


You can call a role model and its actions through Trigger.


You can select a Role Model in Object Palette - Unit and drag it to the map in the Operation Area.


After selecting a role in the Operation Area, you can change its actions in the Object Preview Area.


After selecting a role, you can also click the Edit Object in the lower right corner of Edit Object and then set the role in Object Editor.


In Object Editor - Data, You can set whether a unit has HP, the HP style, and whether to display the player name. In Object Editor - Display, you can also change the role's actions and view the corresponding animation at the bottom of the window.


If you want to replace a model, you can click reset_an_dis behind the model name in Model Settings section to enter the Resource Manager.


You can see all replaceable models in the Resource Manager. You can also import your own model (import rules) and use it.