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Art Assets

The Art Assets section introduces the art assets available in the CliCli Editor. You can learn about operations for art assets of different types here. You can manage or download art assets in the Resource Manager, including the resources you purchase from the Asset Store.


Texture refers to the mapping of the scene area. You can use texture to create games of different styles.

When you creat a New Project on the initial page and select different terrain maps, textures of different styles are provided by CliCli.


Note: The style of Terrain Texture can be selected only when a project is created. Once the project is created, the style cannot be modified.


According to different mapping areas, the texture is divided into Cliff Texture and Terrain Texture.

Cliff Texture

Cliff Texture is used on cliff terrain. In Terrain Palette - Topography, when you change the terrain through the Cliff section, you can use Cliff Texture to map the sides of the terrain.



Note: Cliff Texture can be used on only the side of the cliff. To add texture for planar terrain, please use Terrain Texture.