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WuKong is an official experience game of CliCli. It is used to show the functions of the CliCli Editor, for example, breaking into the lair of monsters, avoiding dangerous traps and fierce attacks of enemies, and using rich attack methods to kill a large number of incoming enemies. WuKong can help you understand how to use the CliCli Editor to create competitive and thrilling action role-playing games (A-RPGs) so that players can experience thrilling and fierce battles under frequent operations. WuKong also demonstrates and utilizes Art Assets. You can try to replicate WuKong in the CliCli Editor or apply its functions to your own games.

The following includes four parts, which show the production process from a simple sketch to a complete game. You can read these parts in order or read each part separately according to your interests and needs.

Terrain Setup: you can see how to build a white box into a complete game terrain.

Operation of Object Editor: you can see how to write the features of a unit.

Operation of Trigger Editor: you can learn how to use ECA to call the attributes of units and regions, design monster refresh in levels, and determine whether a game level is passed.

Appearance Layer Optimization: you can learn how to optimize the feedback for a game through sound and UI.