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Functional Operation Bar

The Functional Operation Bar in the upper part of the Main Interface contains the following functions.


Refer to Object Editor, where to edit and manage Units, Decorations, Items, Abilities, Modifiers, Projectiles, Destructibles, Tech, Purchasables, and Sounds in the project.


Refer to Trigger, where to set various effects and make your project more interesting.


Refer to UI Editor, where to edit the graphical user interface (GUI) of the project.


Refer to Resource Manager, which is a resource library used to manage all resources in the project, including Model, Audio, Particle, Icon, Cursor style, and Skybox.


Refer to Asset Store, where you can choose the resources you want to use in your project, including models, special effects, UI components, and trigger logic, some of them are free and some should be paid.


Refer to Table Editor, where to save some data and perform rapid debugging.