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Operation Area

The Operation Area is in the center of the Main Interface.



The Minimap in the upper-left corner of the Operation Area displays the location of the current Operation Area in the complete project map.


State Bar

The State Bar at the bottom of the Operation Area displays the current operation state when you selecte a specific object and displays all the operations you can take when you do not select a specific object.




Click View in the upper-right corner of the Operation Area to perform View Settings and Grid Settings. You can filter out the object type you want to view by View Selection.


Note: The object type you are selecting in the Operation Area is displayed in gray in the View panel, indicating that it is forced to be visible.


In Game Time

The In-game Time of the project is displayed in the upper-right corner, which can be modified by dragging the progress bar. You can also modify the Speed of the In-game Time, which refers to the ratio of travel speed between the real time and in-game time.