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Object Editor

The Objects Editor enables you to easily edit and manage Units, Decorations, Items, Abilities, Modifiers, Projectiles, Tech, Purchasables, Destructibles, and Sounds in the game. You can also create or modify game content such as unit name, ATK (attack), and so on.


You can also enter the Objects Editor by selecting Objects in the Operating Area and clicking the Edit Object button on the bottom of Tool Palette - Edit Object


Interface of Objects Editor

The Objects Editor supports 10 types of editable Objects. Click the Type List on the left of the window to set corresponding Objects. You can manage Objects of the type in the Folder List on the right of the Type List. The right of the Objects Editor involves three parts Data, Display, and Triggers.


Object Management

All Objects in the project can be created and managed in either Preset Folder or Custom Folder in Objects Editor.

Objects in the Preset Folder are templates provided by CliCli, based on which you can develop efficiently by just modifying some details.

You can also click the New Object button to create new objects, which are stored in the Custom Folder. The setting of customized objects is more flexible. You can also click the folder icon in the upper right corner to create a folder under Custom Folder to facilitate management.


Data Window

In Data Window, you can set Basic Settings for most objects, including Name, Editor Suffix, Tags and Description.


You can also set some proprietary attributes for objects, including Fixed Attributes, Unit Attributes, and Custom Attributes.


Display Window

The Display Window shows the effect of the selected object to be shown in the project. You can edit the display effect of an object visually here.


Triggers Window

In Triggers Window, also known as Object Trigger, you can set unique properties for the object. Triggers Window supports functions such as search, import, and export.