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Resource Manager

The Resource Manager is a resource library used to manage all project resources, including Model, Audio, Particle, Icon, Cursor style, and Skybox. You can also import local resource files to the Resource Manager.


Interface of Resource Manager

After entering the Resource Manager, you can view the resource classification on the left of the window. Click New Folder to classify resources through the folder. You can also type a resource ID in the search bar to quickly locate the resource. Click Import in the upper right corner of the window to upload local resources to the Resource Manager. Click the cloud icon to view or hide resources in the Asset Store. For specific import rules, see Working with assets.


Resources in the Asset Store can be used only after you click the cloud icon to download the resources.


Right-click a resource to perform the following operations for it: Copy ID, Cut, Remove, Rename, and Reset Tags. The resources of Model, Audio, and Particle can be quickly created in the Object Editor - Customer Folder for Units, Modifiers, Projectiles, and Sound.


After downloading resources to the local CliCli Editor, you can view the resources from various angles and distances.


Click "+" in the lower right corner to set a customized tag for the resource so as to better classify it. If you no longer need the tag, right-click the thumbnail of the resource and select Reset Tags, then these tags will be restored to the default state.



CliCli Editor provides various Models of Objects such as roles, buildings, trees, rocks, and furniture in model options.