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From here, you will embark on the journey of project development using the CliCli Editor. You will start from the Start Page to create your project, use Terrain Palette to enrich your project, use the Objects Editor to set and manage objects in your project, use Trigger to make projects more versatile, use UI Editor to make your project more vivid, and select rich models, icons, and special effects in Resource Manager. You can also select pictures, and ECAs in Asset Store. Finally, the Tables Editor can help you better manage data. Let’s start our journey!

Start Page

Open the CliCli Editor to enter the start page. You can Create a New Project or Open an Existing Project in the Project tab of the start page. You can also enter the Asset Store.

Create a New Project

Click New in the upper-right corner of the Project tab of the start page.


You can create a New Blank Project from scratch to develop a game or modify some basic templates (such as AVG, TD, and ACT) provided by the CliCli Editor. No matter which method you choose, you can freely set the Project Name and the saving Path.


When you choose to create a blank project, you can make the following settings:

You can set the Size of the scene, including Width (W) and Height (H). Remember, the larger scene will consume more computing resources of your computer. You can also modify the values through Details - Size in the CliCli Editor menu bar

You can choose various UI Templates for your project to decide the style including the role information and bag slot. You can also customize the UI through the UI Editor. You can preview the UI style by clickingyulan_icon_nml_liang.


You can select a theme of Terrain Texture through the drop-down menu and select a specific Terrain Texture. The selected texture will be applied to the map of the entire project. You can modify the texture in Terrain Palette during the project development.


You can select a Cliff Texture which will become the default cliff texture in the project. You can modify the cliff texture in Terrain Palette during project development.


If you want to develop your project based on some basic templates (such as AVG, TD, and ACT) provided by the CliCli Editor, you can learn about the template information, including Game Type, Game Rule, Number of Players, and Keywords, in corresponding pages.


Open a Stored Project

When you open CliCli Editor to continue a project which is not completed last time or received from others, The steps for opening a stored project are as follows.

(1) Click Open in the upper-right corner, find the path, and open the required .map file.


(2) If you have opened any project before, you can see it on the start page when you enter CliCli Editor next time. You can open the required project by directly double-clicking it.

Clicking mainwindow2_more_nml in the lower-right corner allows you to make more settings for the current project.


Upload Project: Enter the page to publish your project.


Open Folder: Open the folder where the current project is stored.

Edit: Open the project for development.

Remove History: Delete the project from the Start Page. Note, this operation will NOT delete the project file.

Open Auto-Save Folder: During development, CliCli Editor will auto-save and back up the current project file regularly. You can look through and open the auto-save file through this option.

Rename: Click this option to rename the project.

Asset Store

You can download components from Asset Store, including characters, animals, buildings, decorations, plants, rocks, particles, icons, audio, and ECAs, some of which require payment. You can also enter the Asset Store through the functional operation bar on the Main Interface of the editor.