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General Settings

By clicking Edit - General Settings in the CliCli Editor menu bar, you can set Autosave, System Language, Theme, Debug, and Scene Display of the CliCli Editor and obtain Community Information of the CliCli Editor.


You can set and modify the Interval and Path of Auto-Save. In addition, you can see the path of each History to find the history file quickly.


System Language

You can set the language used when you edit a project in the CliCli Editor through System Language and set the language shown on the CliCli Platform through Preview Game Language.


The following figure is a display of the CliCli Platform when you set Preview Game Language to English.



You can set the Theme of the CliCli Editor as Light or Dark.



When you develop a project, you can see the debug information of the project, as shown in the figure below.


You can set the display of the debug information.

  1. If you select Display, the debug information will be displayed. If you do not want to see debug information, do not select this option.
  2. You can set the Location and Graph Quality of the debug information .
  3. If you select Mouse Locked During Runtime, the movement of the mouse is limited to the scope of the CliCli editor in the debug status. If you do not select this option, the movement of the mouse is not limited by the scope.
  4. You can set Far Clipping Distance, that is, the maximum distance that can be seen from the camera when you develop a game in the CliCli Editor.

Note: You can set the maximum lens distance when the game is running through Model Rendoer Distance in Fog of War .


Scene Display

You can set Decoration and Destructible whether to Show Grow Effect on Placement.


In the following figures, Show Grow Effect on Placement is disabled on the left and enabled on the right.