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Hotkeys Setting

By clicking Edit - Hotkeys in the CliCli Editor menu bar, you can customize the shortcut keys of Main Window, Object Editor, and Triggers to facilitate project development. You can also customize the shortcut keys that players can use in a game in In-game Hotkeys.

Select common_checkbox_slc_v2 to enable the current shortcut key. After clicking the input area on the right, you can start editing.


There are some rules when you set hotkeys.

  • Control keys include both left and right ctrl, alt, and shift keys.
  • Function keys include letters a-z which are case-insensitive, numbers 0-9 on both the main keyboard and keypad, symbol keys, F1-F12, and direction keys.
  • Valid key positions are in the following forms:
    • 1 control key 
    • 1 function key
    • 1 control key + 1 function key
    • 2 control keys + 1 function key
    • 3 control keys

If there is a conflict in the settings, the following notification will be shown.


The table below lists items for which hotkeys can be set.