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CliCli Creator Content Guidelines

CliCli's mission is to inspire imagination and empower creation, we welcome creators with all backgrounds to create games on our platform. We also want everyone to feel safe and welcome while playing and having fun on our platform. With goals in mind, we created these Creator Content Guidelines to outline the appropriate way to create, promote and monetize your CliCli games.

These guidelines apply to all content or behavior of creators on CliCli. Violation of these guidelines may result in removal of offending content, suspension of publishing privilege, termination of your account or notification of law enforcement. We reserve the right to decide, at our sole discretion, what content or behavior violates our rules.

These guidelines may change as our platform grows, we recommend you check here regularly to stay up-to-date.

Child Endangerment

We do not tolerate any content that endangers children, including predatory behavior, sexualization of children, grooming and any form of child sexual exploitation.

Nudity and Sexual Explicit Content

CliCli does not allow overtly sexual or pornographic contents. This includes nudity, sexual acts, sexual solicitation, sexually suggestive contents and contents promoting exploitation of any kind.

Threats of Violence

You may not threaten or incite real-world violence against an individual or a group. We also prohibit the encouragement or glorification of violence. This includes threats that could lead to death, injury, harm or property damage.

Extreme Violence and Gore

Although most video games on the market contains some form of violence, content that exclusively focuses on extreme or gratuitous gore and violence is prohibited on CliCli. This includes abuse and torture of people or animals, realistic bodily mutilation, and content that depicts or supports war crimes.

Bullying and Harassment

Engaging in or encouraging the harassment or bullying of individuals or communities is prohibited on CliCli. We do not allow trolling, mobbing, stalking, intimidation and any form of abuse. This includes spreading malicious rumors, sending offensive or rude messages, targeted cursing, posting mean or embarrassing photos or videos, and sexual harassment.

Suicide and Self-Harm

CliCli is very concerned about the well-being of our users. We do not allow content depicting, promoting, or glorifying suicide or self-harm. This includes encouragement of suicide, instructions on how to engage in self-harm, or content that depicts instances of suicide.

Terrorism and Violent Extremism

We prohibit content that promotes, supports, glorifies or praises terrorism or extremist ideology. This includes depiction of terrorist attacks, recruitment in terrorist organizations and fundraising for extremist or terrorist organizations.

Hateful Behavior

CliCli is committed to build a diverse and inclusive community, we have zero-tolerance for discrimination. We prohibit content that attacks, threatens, incites violence against, or otherwise dehumanizes an individual or a group on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, serious disease or disability.

Real World Regulated Activities

CliCli does not allow content depicting, promoting or facilitating illegal activities and some regulated goods. This includes content facilitating the sale or purchase of illegal drugs, instructions for manufacturing real-life weapons, content promoting human trafficking and content depicting or encouraging the use or sale of alcohol or tobacco by minors.

Real-World Tragic Events

We do not allow content that recreats traumatic current events, including mass shootings, real-world natural disasters and human rights violations. However, productive discussion and tasteful creation of content surrounding real world events is allowed.

Political Content

We allow friendly discussion of ongoing political issues. However, we're not a promotional tool for politics, we do not allow content promoting political parties, political candidates, election campaigns or inflammatory content related to real world border.

Spam, Scams and Fraud

CliCli prohibits content that intends to scam, mislead, spam, or defraud users. This includes phishing links, financial or investment-related scams, repetitive messaging, misleading title or description and directing users to third-party websites. However, links to any of those approved sites is allowed.

Cheating and Exploits

CliCli is committed to providing users with a fair playing environment. We do not allow users to create programs or share hacks for the purpose of exploiting CliCli. This includes using third-party software or manipulating your connection to gain unfair advantages or resources, sharing exploits with others or encouraging others to cheat.


CliCli does not allow content intended to impersonate an individual or organization, including other creators, CliCli employees, celebrities, government officials, or anyone else.


CliCli takes user privacy very seriously. We do not allow users to invade the privacy of others or share private personal information, including real name, email address, physical location information and unique identifiers.

Intellectual Property Violations

CliCli does not allow content that violates anyone's intellectual property or other rights. This includes using other people's assets or music in your game without their permission. If you are a copyright owner and believe that content on CliCli infringes your intellectual property rights, please contact us.

Illegal Trading

Buying, selling or exchanging accounts for any purpose is prohibited on CliCli. To ensure a safe and healthy ecosystem, we also prohibit selling or trading platform currencies or other in-game items through third-party services.