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The CliCli User Base

CliCli is an efficient game creation tool with a global distribution platform consisting purely user generated contents. Reaching a wider audience and achieving any measure of success with your experience.

Three fundamental strengths of the platform:

  • Content variety – CliCli is powerful at creating various genres of games. Whether MOBA, TD, RTS, Rogue-like or Survival, one can facilitate preset modules and game tuning infrastructures to expedite game making process substantially. The collective depth of unique user-generated experiences attracts and maintains a massive user base.
  • Quick experience – users can launch a new map and start playing in seconds on CliCli.
  • Social connection – CliCli is in part a social network where users often play with their friends. Integrated game configurations including communities, events, multi-player matchmaking, ranking, and voice-chat functions, etc.

Always bear in mind how your experience plays to these strengths when designing for the CliCli audience.