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Earning on CliCli

CliCli’s economy runs on CliCoin, the virtual currency bought and spent by CliCli users. When your game earns CliCoin through player purchase items, all earnings can be viewed in the Data Center of the Creator Center. You may be able to cash out real world currency through our Payout. Currently only game creators can earn money on CliCli.


When you start developing on CliCli, you pay no fees to use our tools or platform services.

Clicli will pay you a royalty (“Royalty”) monthly in arrears equal to 70% of the net revenue of the Game. The amount of Royalty payable is updated on the 15th day the following month, e.g. the Royalty of January shall be available to view on your account on 15 February.

The minimum amount available to be transferred to your bank account shall be USD 100.00 (One Hundred US Dollar). If the amount of Royalty does not reach USD 100.00 for 3 (three) consecutive months, you are entitled to transfer the remaining balance of the Royalty in full only in following month. In order to avoid doubt, every time you choose to transfer the Royalty to your bank account, you are required to transfer the Royalty in full and in one time.

For more information, you can look at CliCli Terms Details - Creator Agreement