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Promoting on CliCli

CliCli offers recommended game through CliCli platform and social media platform. It's also a good idea to use social media by yourself to showing off what you have done with videos or screenshots.

Promoting with CliCli's Help

Once you have published your game, it will be displayed on our CliCli platform. If your game is getting a lot of playing time, CliCli might notice, and put your game at the recommended position.

We also offer recommended position on our website.

Promoting with Social Media

Alongside CliCli's native channels, developers often use social media to promote new games.

  • Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok(and any other social media platforms you use) are great ways to get people to notice your work. we encourage you to use our official game webpage link on our website.
  • YouTube is also popular for promoting your game to new users. Some YouTubers are open to sponsorship, whereas others will typically find experiences on their own or receive requests form fans.
  • Create Twitch channel to your game in live streams!
  • Many content creators on social media and other platforms use Discord servers to create a place where their fans and supporters can hang out together and talk about the stuff they love.