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Work in CliCli

CliCli editor is the essential creation tool for CliCli games. It is free and available by download on Windows. See here for the system requirements, installation steps, and customization options in detail.

Games and Maps

Games on CliCli are made of individual maps. Each map contains all objects for that part of the game, including the objects that make up its specific environment, ECA triggers, and user interface widgets.

When you first publish a map to CliCli, you are creating a new game that is publicly playable on the platform. Later, you can publish additional maps under the same game to create more complex experiences, such as adding a new map for your MOBA game.

CliCli Editor Fundamentals


The viewport in CliCli editor displays everything in the game. From here, you can modify objects with simple clicks, playtest, move the camera and toggle the views to look around in the virtual environment.

Preview Window

The Preview window, visible by default, displays how an object looks in the game. From here, you may check the appearance of preset or custom assets, before placing them into the workspace.

Placed Objects Window

The Placed Objects window shows a hierarchical list of every placed object inside the map.

Tool Palatte Window

The Tool Palette window contains two tabs: Edit Terrain and Place Object. These two tabs provide the essential tools and objects that build up a fun player experience.


In CliCli, assets such as images, models, and sounds are handled locally when you implement them into your game. Most of the assets are stored on the cloud, and users may implement them with just a few simple clicks from downloading to placing.

See Working with Assets for details about assets in CliCli.


CliCli aims to provide low-barrier tools for anyone who wants to create their own games. There is no programming experience needed as you can control events, conditions, and actions to shape your game with our trigger API.

See ECA Triggers for more information.

On the other hand, CliCli also support Lua programming language for more technical options to users who have proficient programming background. You can integrate third-party IDEs like Visual Studio Code with CliCli Lua plugin.

In-Editor Testing

CliCli editor offers a suite of options for testing a game before publishing it:

  • Run Game in Editor that runs the game inside the CliCli editor for easy debugging.
  • Run Game as a Separate Process provides a closer experience of the game running on the CliCli.
  • Run Multiple Games will open multiple windows that you can playtest and debug the multiplayer experience as different players.

See CliCli Editor Testing Choices for more information on each testing option.

Editor Updates

In contrast to certain other engines, every game must run on the latest version of the CliCli editor. You should keep CliCli up-to-date to utilize the latest APIs and features. If there has an update, CliCli will automatically update to the latest version the next time you open CliCli.