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Creator's Dashboard

Select Creator's Dashboard from the Publish menu in the upper left corner of the Main Interface of the CliCli Editor to enter the Creator's Dashboard website.


After logging in to the Creator's Dashboard, you can view the project you have successfully uploaded from the CliCli Editor in My Games.


Game Details

Click the game thumbnail under My Games. The details page of the game is displayed, which includes Overview, Data Center, Archive Settings, Props, Community, and Social Link.



The Overview page displays the Name, State, ID, Version, and Release Date on the top. The overview data of the game is displayed in detail on the page.

  • Player Data: There shows the number of Players, New players, and Day 1 Retention of today. When the mouse hovers over the data box, the data of yesterday will be displayed.

  • Game Data: There shows the number of Average Rounds, Average Round Time (minutes), and Disconnections.

  • Community Data: There shows the number of Comments and Posts.

Enter the Data Center by clicking More or through the left menu bar. You can see details of related data.


Data Center

Data Center involves Player Data, Game Data, and Community Data.

Player Data

The Player Data page displays Players, New Players, Day 1 Retention, Returned Players, Player Favorites, and Lost Players. There also displays the detailed data curve of Players (Trend) and New Players Retention (Trend).

[Term] Day 1 Retention: The percentage of new players from 3 days ago who played the game again 2 days ago.

[Term] Returned Players: The number of players who have not played the game for more than 31 days until yesterday (from 00:00 to 24:00).

[Term] Lost Players: The total number of players who have not logged in to the game for more than 30 days (as of yesterday).


Game Data

The Game Data page displays Average Rounds, Average Round Time (Mins), and Disconnections. There also displays the detailed data curve of Average Rounds (Trend) and Disconnections (Trend).


Community Data

The Community Data page displays Comments, Posts, and Individual Posters. There also displays the detailed data curve of Comments (Trend) and Individual Posters (Trend).

Archive Settings

On Server Archive page, you can set the game data that will be displayed in your game’s lobby, such as the MVP value of players’ killing in the game.


Caution: Archive information cannot be set for the game that is in the review or off-shelf status.


After the archive settings are successfully saved, other players can view these data on the CliCli Platform.



On the Prop Management page, you can set some information about Props displayed on the CliCli Platform. The attributes and functions of Props are set in CliCli Editor. Click btn_reset to reset the item. The lock icon indicates the item can be viewed but cannot be edited.


Caution: Once a Prop is bound to a product in Store Management, the prop cannot be restored.


Click Edit on the page shown above, you can enter the page for completing information, as shown below, where you can modify information about the Prop.


Community Management

After a project is published, you can modify the Community Settings, Mute Settings, and Moderator Settings on the Community Management page.

Community Settings

On the Community Settings page, you can set Map level required for posting, Map level required for replying, and Map level required for posting images.


Mute Settings

On the Mute Settings page, you can view the Username, Time, Operator, and Condition of the muted user. You can also disable mute.


Moderator Settings

On the Moderator Settings page, you can view and manage the community moderator of the game.


Social Link

You can promote your game on various social media so that more players can play it together.