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Multiplayer Test

In Multi-player Test, you can invite friends to test your project on the CliCli Platform but not publish it to all users.

Enable Multiplayer Test in CliCli Editor

To enable Multiplayer Test, perform the following steps in CliCli Editor:

  1. Select Multiplayer Test from the Publish menu in the upper left corner of the Main Interface.


  1. In Publish Game window that is displayed, select Publish a New Game or Update.


  1. To Publish a New Game, you need to enter the Game name and click Publish a New Game. To Update, CliCli Editor directly uploads the game.


After a project is successfully uploaded, CliCli Editor automatically jumps to Creator's Dashboard, where you can further manage and maintain your project.

Manage Project in Creator's Dashboard

In Creator's Dashboard, you can view and manage members of the development team. Members of the development team can jointly test a project. You can add up to 35 members.


Developer Setting is used to set the tester for games. If you have made Developer Settings for a game, you can click Manage to manage the game tester.



If you have not made Developer Settings for a game, you can click Developer Settings to make the Development Team.


On the Development Team page, you can perform the following operations:

  1. Invite your friend to be the game tester: Click Invite, search the invitee by his/her name, and click Send.


  1. Recall an invitation: You can recall an invitation while waiting for confirmation from the invited member.


  1. Manage game testers: After the invitee confirms the invitation, you can see his/her Name and Joined Date. You can also Remove a member from the development team.

Caution: Only members who joined over 90 days can be removed.