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In Publishing,you can Upload Project, perform Multiplayer Test, or enter the Creator's Dashboard to manage projects.

Upload Game

When you finished developing a project, you can upload it to the CliCli Platform to share it with other players. After your project is uploaded, you can maintain it through the Creator's Dashboard.

Upload Project in CliCli Editor

To upload a project, perform the following steps in CliCli Editor:

  1. Select Upload Project from the Publish menu in the upper left corner of the Main Interface.


  1. In Publish Game window that is displayed, select Publish New Game or Update.


  1. To Publish New Game, you need to enter the Game name and click Publish New Game. To Update, CliCli Editor directly uploads the game.


After a project is successfully uploaded, CliCli Editor automatically jumps to Creator's Dashboard, where you can further manage and maintain your project.

Manage Project in Creator's Dashboard

In Creator's Dashboard, you need to upload a Cover Image for your project, fill in Basic Information and Display Information about the game. After you click Submit, your project can be viewed and played by other users on the CliCli Platform.