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UI Editor

The UI Editor contains various editing methods for the project's graphical user interface (GUI), which can enrich the visual experience of game players. The UI Editor is composed of the Navigation Bar, Panel, Scene UI, Widget, Components, Canvas, Attributes, and Events. So long as the settings are proper, any interface effect can be achieved, including pure 2D games.


Navigation Bar


Play: Directly run the project in UI Editor.

main_tool_icon_save_nml: Save a project.

main_tool_icon_previous_nml: Undo the previous operation.

main_tool_icon_next_nml: Resume an Undo operation if existing.

ui_edit_icon_copy_white: Copy the selected widget.

ui_edit_icon_paste_white: Paste the copied widget.

Import: Import materials.

Export: Export the current UI Editor.

Background Color: The background color of the panel.

Canvas size: The size of the current canvas.

Zoom: The scale of the canvas displayed in the Main Interface.