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Here you will find some practical examples of how to use lua for game development in CliCli from a project perspective.

Communication With Npc

In practice, we often encounter situations where we need to talk to NPCs, so here is a simple implementation of the "NPC Talk" function.

Equipment restriction function

This is an example of a piece of equipment that we often see in FPS games where the player picks up one primary weapon and then automatically discards the other primary weapon, i.e. only one of the same type of weapon can be carried at a time, this example is a simple version of that functionality.

Behavior Tree

In RPGs, we can often see a number of monsters gathering around their territory and wandering around, and in the middle of the territory there is usually a boss or leader monster that is protected by all the other monsters. So how does this work? Here is a simple example that may give you some insight into how this works.